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Beauty Services

Beauty Services


Getting a pedicure is outstanding amongst other medications for your feet. A pedicure makes your feet look cleaner and prettier, likewise keeps the nails trimmed and feet free. We My Homy Services are offering the pedicure services with purifying activity and saturating properties enable you to keep up child feet, keeping your feet look stunning constantly. My Homy Services isn't a normal pedicure service provider since with its upscale administrations with proficient nail artist, prepared nail professionals My Homy Services will offer a wide range of results for your need.

Facials & Cleanups

Makeup will get started with the cleansing facials. Without removing the dusts it is not possible to make the absolute look. The makeup will be finalized only when the attire matches the facial feature. The primary thought of the blend and equalization of all colours in the cosmetics is to give an astonishing and shining appearance for that awesome occasion. The maxim of My Homy Services is to make a flawless service and thereby to make their customers feel beautiful inside and outside.


Bleaching is a standout amongst the most conventional approaches to light up dull spots and level out the skin tone. Rather than burning through several thousand bucks on costly dermatologist visits and brief/perpetual laser medications, one can simply decide on Bleach. For healthy skin, Bleaching is one of most utilized techniques by people all over the world. Bleaching process for the skin are ordered as Bleach for Face, Neck, Full Back, Full Hands, Half Back, Half Hands and Full Body Bleach. Bleaching Process for skin at My Homy Services is typically a procedure of applying the natural bleaching materials on your skin and removing the agents after 5-6 minutes. Book your appointment now to encounter the refreshing healthy skin bleaching process at My Homy Services.


Outstanding amongst other approaches to evacuate the undesirable hair all over is threading. It isn't just the most widely recognized approach to expel the unwanted hair but on the other hand is fetched effective. Eyebrow threading is an idea known to ladies from decades together. Ladies and men alike pick this eyebrow threading or some other threading system done on face and neck is to shape foreheads as indicated by your necessity and style at My Homy Services. Book your eyebrow threading arrangement.


Skin Treatment also incorporate De-Tan Pack and Peel-Off cover to provide better results. De-tanning and peel-off veils are a portion of the most ideal approaches to give your skin its life back with a natural skincare treatment at My Homy Services. The technique utilizes every natural regular skincare item to suit all skin composes. The essential maxim in this particular technique is to evacuate dead cells, expel undesirable tan, lessening the presence of scars and pimples and at last night out the skin-tone. Pick us for the best skincare medicines.

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